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Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are some of the more common questions that are asked by our members, If you feel your question is not answered here please contact us.

Q. This is my first connection and I am redirected to the logout page
A. This means that your email is not verified. In your registration email, click on the activation link or request a new activation email..

Q. Your email is verified And Still Logout
A. This means that you have made too many connection attempts, and your browser has stored a corrupted cookie. Clear your browser's cache, or try another internet browser.

Q. Can I have more than one(1) account?
A. No, accounts are limited to one per person.

Q. I am trying to register but there are no registration buttons ?
A. This means that you already have an account with ViralBanner or that the IP address you used to register is already in our database. Request a new password to verify your registration.

Q. How many banners can I advertise here?
A. Free members may advertise up to 3 banners.

Q. Can I retrieve My lost account information?
A. Members can reset their account info, simply head to the log-in page and click the Lost Password link.

Q. What sizes of banners are allowed??
A. Members' banners are displayed in 300x250 format. However, you can propose banners whose format does not exceed 400px in width and 400px in height.

Q. Can I advertise banners of an adult nature?
A. No, we operate a family friendly banner exchange. Banners of an adult nature will be suspended.

Q. Does deliver traffic?
A. We operate a banner exchange service. We deliver impressions to your banner images and organic clicks to your links.

Q. Why have one or more of my banners been suspended?
A. We do not take this action lightly. Banners that have been suspended from the banner exchange have been found to either not load or they contain unacceptable content. This may include hateful material, pornographic material etc. More info on acceptable material can be found here.

Q. How are your titles and menu in 3d made??
A. All our titles and links in 3d are made with Special thanks !

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